Help Your Neighbors Avoid Burglaries



One of the best things about having neighbors is that they can watch your place while you’re away. You can do the same for them. But don’t limit it to just vacations. You can always keep an eye out for your neighbors. If everyone is watching out for their neighbors. Everyone will be that much more secure. Burglaries in the USA have been climbing recently due to economic conditions.

Watching For Trouble

If you can watch your neighbor’s house when they are gone, you can do it the rest of the time, too. And vice versa. If you see something suspicious, call your neighbor and see if they know what’s going on or not. We all know that most of the time suspicious activity turns out to be nothing. Kids messing around, a miscommunication, maybe alack of communication. Like if your neighbor asked someone to come over and do some work on the place, but didn’t let you know. It might seem suspicious, but it really isn’t when you know what’s going on. But, that’s how most home security works. If you are watching their place, then they can also watch yours. Bring in the rest of the block and you’ve got an unofficial neighborhood watch. This is a perfect way to take advantage of those nosey neighbors who are already watching your every move.

Aim Your Security Cameras Carefully

If you already have security cameras or are having them installed you can carefully aim them so that they cover some part of the neighbor’s property as well as your own. If you end up with a spare camera, you can aim the whole thing at a vulnerable part of the neighbor’s property. If they can do the same for you. Even doorbell cameras oftentimes can show what’s happening across the street. Get enough neighbors together who all have security cameras and you can protect your whole block with a web of cameras. No burglar will get away with anything under those circumstances.  High visibility security cameras and signs letting people know they are on camera can go a really long way.

Don’t Let Mail or Newspapers Pile Up

If you notice newspapers or mail piling up at a neighbor’s house call them and make sure they aren’t on vacation or something. If they are, you can offer to pick up and hold onto their stuff until they return. That pile of newspapers or overflowing mailbox looks like a huge invitation to thieves saying “We’re not home!” Likewise, if you are going on vacation, ask a neighbor to collect your mail and anything that lands on your front porch. Imagine the intel your nosey neighbor will be able to collect! LOL!

Use Affordable Home Security

In addition to being a good neighbor and watching what’s going on in your neighborhood, you should have a home security system installed. We recommend using Affordable Home Security in your area. They can make sure you’ve got all the security cameras you need or want. Remember that in the long run helping your neighbors also helps you. If your neighborhood has a reputation as easy pickings for burglars they will come back again and again. Conversely, if they can’t steal anything without getting caught, they will never come back


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